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Five Ways to Draw Kids Attention Via an Online Classroom

Teachers and students are among the hardest hit by the on-going Covid 19 pandemic.

We know learners easily get bored. That’s why the current situation has made online teachers devise creative methods to keep students engaged through online classroom sessions to maximize knowledge retention for all the students. 

In this article we have outlined five solid solutions which we think will keep your students engaged during their virtual classroom learning.

So here we go.

1.Use Interesting Challenges

Engaging your learners from the start will ensure that they are attentive throughout the course. Throwing a challenge will help stimulate their reasoning. You can present a false fact to create a debating session and let them argue about it for a while. The truth eventually presents itself, and the students will feel alive and appreciated through the interactive online learning sessions.

Include jokes and riddles whenever you feel that the learners are drifting off to dreamland or start fidgeting from boredom. The jokes and brief fun–making will liven up the class, and you can quickly go back to serious online learning while they’re still in a good mood. Let the students also express themselves during your interactive sessions to boost morale and liven up the online learning sessions.

2. Know your learners

Knowing your students is very important. Some teachers have a hard time with their students because they do not recognize their needs, struggles, or shortcomings. You may find most students disengaged during virtual classroom lessons because you don’t understand your learners. It is, therefore, essential to take considerable time to discover each student’s interests and concerns. This will help you source relevant learning material for your course that aligns with your students. 

Most students skip online tuition due to a lack of interest or do not understand their teachers. To prevent this from happening, take your time to interact with students through live chat, have a private one-on-one conversation, and get the struggling students to open up. Other methods include gamification, quizzes, and brief online classroom assignments to engage your students and keep them occupied.

3. Gamification

Gaming has a significant impact on your students’ concentration. Gamification helps to keep students engaged and lively through the virtual classroom sessions. Have all the available students pay attention by providing interesting games and puzzles for overall class participation. It also makes online learning fun and interesting.

The kind of games you introduce to your students should have a distinct learning goal, not just for fun. Also, introduce a reward system where the winning student gets a reward. This will motivate the learners to participate to win/receive a reward.

Make a point of creating games that give everyone a chance to win. Kids have different intelligence levels. Factor in such details to have everyone engaged and involved. Remember that an interactive online class that enjoys brain stimulating challenges collectively does not have losers; it should always be a win-win situation for everyone. If the students participate in teams, they should not blame opposing teammates for losing. 

4. Engage Your Students

Interacting with your students is vital. As an online classroom provider, ensure that your lesson is fun and enjoyable. Make use of all the collaboration tools provided on the learning platform. Create interesting topics and come up with different methods of teaching. Make use of PowerPoint slides, videos, and whiteboard writing for your online classroom lessons to keep students engaged. You may also tell interesting stories related to the topic of the day. 

The delivery format should also change every few days to avoid monotony. For instance, you may have a summary of the lesson, discuss with learners, have a full lecture, and then do some activities involving all the students. 

5. Make Use of Visuals

Using visuals in your course ensures that students have a clear grasp of what you are talking about. Students retain 10% of the information they hear, compared to 60% retention using visuals. As a virtual online provider, use relevant images and pictures in your course for reference and to engage your students. Avoid using too many images and only use what’s relevant for the current lesson for easier retention. Infographics are a perfect option when explaining complex concepts since they are easy to understand and remember.  


Keeping kids engaged in online tuition is a challenge. Still, the outlined options provided can positively impact if online classroom providers can engage students and have them pay attention throughout the lesson. Allow students to play, use interactive videos, and introducing some learning activities are some of the great tricks to use to keep your learners engaged. Tell them exciting stories and throw a challenge to them to stimulate their reasoning.