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Top 5 Most User-Friendly Virtual Classroom

Online learning was considered by a few people across the world, specifically, distance learners. But the break out of the deadly Covid 19 Virus has drastically changed everything and totally disrupted regular learning across the globe. According to research conducted by UNESCO, approximately 295 million students are at home since the Covid 19 pandemic forced governments to impose compulsory lockdown. As a result, many schools closed, giving rise to online learning for many students all over the world. The mandatory lockdowns imposed by affected countries may stick longer than anticipated. So teachers and students have adapted to the virtual classroom mode of learning to keep up with their syllabus and have all the students engaged.

Virtual Classroom Learning Tools

There are several online software learning tools that a Virtual Classroom Provider can utilize for remote training. The applications provide important learning features, including course creation, multiple remote access, whiteboard learning, video conferencing, mobile mobile-friendliness, breakout rooms, and lesson recording for future reference.

To help an online classroom provider pick the right learning tools, we have compiled a list of the best user-friendly virtual classroom software for 2020.

  1. Google Classroom
  1. Eliademy
  2. Classtobe
  3. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard
  4. WizIQ

1.    Google Classroom

With a Google account, learners can access Google online learning free of charge, study and share complete virtual learning with their instructors’ aid – who can also access the platform using a free sign up for a Google account. With this application, teachers can create classes, communicate with learners, distribute assignments, and organize future lessons.

This app enables a smooth flow of virtual classwork, paperless assignments allowing online classroom providers to review their students’ progress from a single place.

Students also easily access their class materials and assignments from a single point making everyone’s tasks easy and manageable.

Google Classroom key features include:

  • Free usage with a one-time sign up for a Google account
  • Easy to set up
  • Enhanced communication among users
  • Secure to use with a safe internet connection
  • Easy to follow through with lessons and classwork flow
  • Allows class discussions and spontaneous announcements
  • Contains no ads

2.    Eliademy

This is also a widely used online learning tool for the virtual classroom. It allows virtual classroom providers to create, share, and teach courses simultaneously. It is a user-friendly learning tool with competitive functions, especially for private tutors who provide online courses. Eliademy has an available customer care team to help you set up and use the platform for first-time users.

Some of the best features learners and tutors alike include:

  • Convenience to create courses and invite students to online tuition
  • Students can Sync classwork with calendars easily
  • Students can access and share learning materials easily on their devices via the sharing files tool on the Eliademy platform with an internet connection
  • Unique course Certification

3.    Classtobe

Classtobe is a virtual classroom with amazing and easy to use features. It comes complete with multiple platforms, and instructors can access the software directly from their blogs or web pages.

Classtobe is a highly enhanced virtual learning platform complete with similar features to onsite classes such as whiteboard learning, peer to peer interaction, and so much more.

Some of the features on Classtobe include:

  • Branded virtual classroom
  • It is browser-based and doesn’t include offline learning options
  • Real-time recording
  • Video conferencing
  • Has optimized video quality
  • Quality audio
  • Includes quiz function to test students regularly
  • Trophies for rewarding best students
  • Multi-user whiteboard correction
  • Includes brainstorming sessions
  • Private text chatting options
  • Screen Sharing and scheduling
  • Content Library
  • Real-time class recording with moderator

4.    LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

This is a modernized interactive whiteboard app. Young learners mostly prefer it for its intuitive visual and collaborative virtual classroom learning features.

The connection features are strong and available from any location across the globe.

LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard has amazing in-built visual teamwork features suitable for real-time communication from anywhere in the world.

Some of the features include:

  • Easy communication including instant messaging
  • Use of a virtual whiteboard from your device
  • Live broadcast features
  • Unlimited online whiteboards for all your drafts as you learn/teach
  • Text tool to write short notes
  • Real-time whiteboard sharing
  • Artificial Intelligence power shape recognition

5.    Wiziq

Wiziq is ideal for virtual classroom learning since it’s available on both Android and iOS operating systems via the Moodle plugin. A qualified virtual classroom provider can create a stable online tuition experience for his/her students with the learning features available on the platform.

Key features:

  • Record and store sessions
  • Easy to track learners’ attendance
  • Whiteboarding and Screen sharing
  • File sharing available
  • Can create and distribute regular tests and quizzes
  • Breakout sessions
  • Single sign-on options available


Parents should encourage their children to continue learning activities by having them enrolled in online learning platforms provided by their respective schools to keep up with their projects and assignments from home. School heads and teachers need to organize virtual learning space using efficient software applications for effective online learning during these challenging times.